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For the business aviation sector to change and make an impact, stepping out of the box and daring to do something different seems to be the formula. Chicou, is an argentinean entrepreneur based in the United States, committed to making air travel more efficient, accessible and sustainable since its inception.

“I’ve been in this industry for 30 years, and I know what we need to change the paradigm of business aviation. I’m convinced we’re on the right track. We have created the first niche fintech, V1 Financial Technologies, exclusively for business aviation” affirms Chicou.

Customer Benefit Programs and Industry Transformation:

Addressing the challenges faced by the industry, Chicou outlines initiatives aimed at benefiting a wide spectrum of businesses operating within the aviation sector. Recognizing the struggles of numerous small companies with limited fleets, he emphasizes the industry’s segmentation, leaving individual aircraft operators with minimal bargaining power and often compelled to adapt to standard market solutions. 
In line with our mission, in V1 Financial Technologies we crafted a comprehensive proposal that has received notable acclaim within the Industry. This includes strategic partnerships such as a global agreement with Mastercard and Salesforce. V1 Fintech has developed cutting-edge payment tools, enabling the creation of virtual cards specifically designed for the payment of expenses related to daily operations needs. This proves essential in dealing with the unpredictability of Business Aviation Flights.

v1 payments

As the aviation landscape undergoes a paradigm shift, V1 Financial Technologies emerges as a trailblazer, offering solutions that not only streamline financial transactions but also contribute to a more sustainable and efficient future for business aviation. The company’s commitment to innovation and positive industry impact positions it as a noteworthy player in the ongoing transformation of the aviation sector.

With a vision to enhance distribution, visibility, and accessibility for their customers, V1 Financial Technologies has also acquired JetsBooking, a booking platform poised to bring more distribution, visibility and accessibility to our customers, the aircraft operation companies. 

Chicou emphasizes, “We want to generate a positive impact. Every time the customer uses the V1 Cards, they can fly more, shop better, pay flexibly, and go green. That’s the virtuous circle, the change we want to make in the industry.”